Become A Board Member

Board Member Job Description

Job Title: Board Member
Accountability: Board of Directors
General Function: To participate as a non-compensated member of the board of directors.
Individual Board Member Duties:

  • Each Board Member must be a member of the Sunrise Theatre at any level.
  • Have knowledge of the mission, bylaws and goals of the Foundation and follow the bylaws as accepted.
  • Participate in the strategic planning process and in the development of a plan for the board’s work to support the strategic plan.
  • Chair and/or participate on board committees and fundraising activities.
  • Accept responsibility for Sunrise Theatre Foundation financial accountability (e.g., approve and oversee the budget, approve the auditor with the full board support, meet with the auditors, etc.).
  • Avoid conflicts of interest but disclose them when potential conflicts arise.
  • Attend board meetings regularly and attend committee meetings as needed.
  • Maintain an environment of respect at all board meetings.
  • Identify friends and associates who might be prospective board members.
  • Serve as a Sunrise Theatre Foundation ambassador in the community.

Membership term is three years with the option of serving three consecutive terms.
Board Meetings are currently held the 3rd Tuesday of the month at the Sunrise Theatre.